Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Wide Receivers – 2020

A strategy often used by the savvy fantasy manager is to buy low and snag the early under performers from another team. The chart below exposes those fantasy football wide receivers who started slow but in crunch time were solid contributors last season. The analysis includes game to game comparison rather than a week to week, so bye week and injuries aren’t included in the trend.

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Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Tight Ends – 2020

DeAndre Hopkins lit up game one but quickly fizzled for the next five games. With an average of 8.7 fantasy points for the first six games, Hopkins was falling short of expectations for a high round pick. He quickly turned it around and finished strong with almost 12.5 points in the next nine. Hopkins won’t lose a step with Murray tossing the rock to him.

A.J. Brown was a pleasant surprise last season and fantasy gold during the playoff stretch. Brown sorted out standard rookie struggles by mid-season that coincidentally coincided with the shift to Ryan Tannehill. The rookie finished the last six games averaging over 17 fantasy points a week.  

Fellow rookie Deebo Samuel also started slow, as most rookies do, but by mid-season was putting up double-digit fantasy totals consistently.  Samuel averaged 11.7 fantasy points a week over the last eight games. This year’s rookie wide receiver crop was one of the best in NFL history. It may be advantageous to invest in one or two in the draft and be patient. The injury to Samuel puts him in the strong second half of the season category if he’s able to get on the field by mid-season.

Devante Parker’s late season rush coincides with the Ryan Fitzpatrick surge. Parker was consistent during the first eleven games averaging 8.5 fantasy points a week. That was almost double his average year to date in the last five games.

Robert Woods caps off the strong finishers in the wide receiver group. Woods was just under 8 fantasy points a week for the first ten games but capped his season with 12.7 per game in the last five.  


20191WRTENA.J. Brown1010.322.0518.598.27
20192WRTENA.J. Brown2.510.322.0518.598.27
20193WRTENA.J. Brown0.410.322.0518.598.27
20194WRTENA.J. Brown21.410.322.0518.598.27
20195WRTENA.J. Brown2.710.322.0518.598.27
20196WRTENA.J. Brown2.310.322.0518.598.27
20197WRTENA.J. Brown6.210.322.0518.598.27
20198WRTENA.J. Brown7.110.322.0518.598.27
20199WRTENA.J. Brown8.110.322.0518.598.27
201910WRTENA.J. Brown1.710.322.0518.598.27
201911WRTENA.J. Brown19.510.322.0518.598.27
201912WRTENA.J. Brown4.510.322.0518.598.27
201913WRTENA.J. Brown28.610.322.0518.598.27
201914WRTENA.J. Brown17.410.322.0518.598.27
201915WRTENA.J. Brown14.310.322.0518.598.27
201916WRTENA.J. Brown18.410.322.0518.598.27


20191WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins23.110.974.6317.316.34
20192WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins410.974.6317.316.34
20193WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins6.710.974.6317.316.34
20194WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins2.110.974.6317.316.34
20195WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins8.810.974.6317.316.34
20196WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins7.510.974.6317.316.34
20197WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins16.610.974.6317.316.34
20198WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins10.910.974.6317.316.34
20199WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins11.410.974.6317.316.34
201910WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins810.974.6317.316.34
201911WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins21.410.974.6317.316.34
201912WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins10.610.974.6317.316.34
201913WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins19.210.974.6317.316.34
201914WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins11.910.974.6317.316.34
201915WRHOUDeAndre Hopkins2.310.974.6317.316.34



20191WRSFDeebo Samuel1.78.813.2914.335.52
20192WRSFDeebo Samuel15.48.813.2914.335.52
20193WRSFDeebo Samuel4.48.813.2914.335.52
20194WRSFDeebo Samuel0.38.813.2914.335.52
20195WRSFDeebo Samuel1.98.813.2914.335.52
20196WRSFDeebo Samuel10.88.813.2914.335.52
20197WRSFDeebo Samuel48.813.2914.335.52
20198WRSFDeebo Samuel11.28.813.2914.335.52
20199WRSFDeebo Samuel13.48.813.2914.335.52
201910WRSFDeebo Samuel118.813.2914.335.52
201911WRSFDeebo Samuel12.18.813.2914.335.52
201912WRSFDeebo Samuel10.98.813.2914.335.52
201913WRSFDeebo Samuel3.78.813.2914.335.52
201914WRSFDeebo Samuel11.98.813.2914.335.52
201915WRSFDeebo Samuel19.58.813.2914.335.52


20191WRMIADeVante Parker7.510.894.3317.456.56
20192WRMIADeVante Parker010.894.3317.456.56
20193WRMIADeVante Parker5.610.894.3317.456.56
20194WRMIADeVante Parker1310.894.3317.456.56
20195WRMIADeVante Parker8.810.894.3317.456.56
20196WRMIADeVante Parker11.510.894.3317.456.56
20197WRMIADeVante Parker5.910.894.3317.456.56
20198WRMIADeVante Parker11.710.894.3317.456.56
20199WRMIADeVante Parker6.910.894.3317.456.56
201910WRMIADeVante Parker13.510.894.3317.456.56
201911WRMIADeVante Parker9.110.894.3317.456.56
201912WRMIADeVante Parker27.910.894.3317.456.56
201913WRMIADeVante Parker2.810.894.3317.456.56
201914WRMIADeVante Parker19.210.894.3317.456.56
201915WRMIADeVante Parker17.110.894.3317.456.56
201916WRMIADeVante Parker13.710.894.3317.456.56


20191WRLARobert Woods8.69.534.5414.524.99
20192WRLARobert Woods4.29.534.5414.524.99
20193WRLARobert Woods5.89.534.5414.524.99
20194WRLARobert Woods16.49.534.5414.524.99
20195WRLARobert Woods4.89.534.5414.524.99
20196WRLARobert Woods7.69.534.5414.524.99
20197WRLARobert Woods8.69.534.5414.524.99
20198WRLARobert Woods4.29.534.5414.524.99
20199WRLARobert Woods9.59.534.5414.524.99
201910WRLARobert Woods9.79.534.5414.524.99
201911WRLARobert Woods17.29.534.5414.524.99
201912WRLARobert Woods18.79.534.5414.524.99
201913WRLARobert Woods1.79.534.5414.524.99
201914WRLARobert Woods12.39.534.5414.524.99
201915WRLARobert Woods13.69.534.5414.524.99