Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Tight Ends – 2020

A strategy often used by the savvy fantasy manager is to buy low and snag the early under performers from another team. The chart below exposes those fantasy football tight ends who started slow but in crunch time were solid contributors last season. The analysis includes game to game comparison rather than a week to week, so bye week and injuries aren’t included in the trend.

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Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Running Backs – 2020

Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Wide Receivers – 2020

Jared Cook seemed like a great fit in New Orleans but after his slow start many fantasy owners dropped him. Cook averaged 11.5 fantasy points a game in the last ten. Cook is a textbook lesson on not giving up too early on a key target in a high powered offense.

Ertz was the most frustrating fantasy tight end last season after scoring just twice in the first ten games. He was losing targets and TD’s to fellow tight end Dallas Goedert. Fantasy owners questioned which Eagles tight end to start. Ertz scored in three of this last five games and averaged 11.7 fantasy points a week. This came at just the right time if you had the patience to stick with him.

Tyler Higbee was the surprise of the fantasy playoffs at the tight end position. Higbee was non-existent early in the season but finished the last five averaging almost 13 fantasy points a game. 


20191TENOJared Cook3.78.893.0814.75.81
20192TENOJared Cook2.58.893.0814.75.81
20193TENOJared Cook0.78.893.0814.75.81
20194TENOJared Cook2.18.893.0814.75.81
20195TENOJared Cook10.18.893.0814.75.81
20196TENOJared Cook9.78.893.0814.75.81
20197TENOJared Cook7.48.893.0814.75.81
20198TENOJared Cook9.38.893.0814.75.81
20199TENOJared Cook15.98.893.0814.75.81
201910TENOJared Cook8.58.893.0814.75.81
201911TENOJared Cook18.48.893.0814.75.81
201912TENOJared Cook5.48.893.0814.75.81
201913TENOJared Cook20.48.893.0814.75.81
201914TENOJared Cook10.48.893.0814.75.81


20191TELATyler Higbee86.531.3311.735.2
20192TELATyler Higbee2.16.531.3311.735.2
20193TELATyler Higbee4.16.531.3311.735.2
20194TELATyler Higbee4.76.531.3311.735.2
20195TELATyler Higbee2.56.531.3311.735.2
20196TELATyler Higbee0.86.531.3311.735.2
20197TELATyler Higbee0.86.531.3311.735.2
20198TELATyler Higbee2.26.531.3311.735.2
201910TELATyler Higbee26.531.3311.735.2
201911TELATyler Higbee16.76.531.3311.735.2
201912TELATyler Higbee11.66.531.3311.735.2
201913TELATyler Higbee11.16.531.3311.735.2
201914TELATyler Higbee10.46.531.3311.735.2
201915TELATyler Higbee14.46.531.3311.735.2



20191TEPHIZach Ertz5.48.512.9414.085.57
20192TEPHIZach Ertz9.28.512.9414.085.57
20193TEPHIZach Ertz6.48.512.9414.085.57
20194TEPHIZach Ertz6.58.512.9414.085.57
20195TEPHIZach Ertz11.78.512.9414.085.57
20196TEPHIZach Ertz3.48.512.9414.085.57
20197TEPHIZach Ertz3.88.512.9414.085.57
20198TEPHIZach Ertz28.512.9414.085.57
20199TEPHIZach Ertz16.38.512.9414.085.57
201910TEPHIZach Ertz9.48.512.9414.085.57
201911TEPHIZach Ertz15.18.512.9414.085.57
201912TEPHIZach Ertz2.48.512.9414.085.57
201913TEPHIZach Ertz21.18.512.9414.085.57
201914TEPHIZach Ertz12.18.512.9414.085.57
201915TEPHIZach Ertz2.88.512.9414.085.57