Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Quarterbacks – 2020

A strategy often used by the savvy fantasy manager is to buy low and snag the early under performers from another team. The chart below exposes those fantasy football quarterbacks who started slow but in crunch time were solid contributors last season. The analysis includes game to game comparison rather than a week to week, so bye week and injuries aren’t included in the trend.

Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Running Backs – 2020

Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Wide Receivers – 2020

Weak Starters / Strong Finishers – Tight Ends – 2020

Baker Mayfield set the bar low early on and capped off the horrible start with a –2 fantasy score in game five. By then most owners had given up on Mayfield and rightly so. In his last 11 games, Mayfield averaged 16.5 fantasy points per week and had relatively stable output. The challenge is that he is consistently mediocre. Dwayne Haskins will be the starter this season and with a very small sample size, he improved week to week.  

Though we don’t expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to get much playing time with the selection of Tua Tagovailoa, Fitzpatrick knows how to cap off a season. He finished with an average of 23 fantasy points in his last six games. If Tagovailoa struggles late in the year and Fitzpatrick is called upon, there is a talented crew of young players in the skill positions for him to take advantage of. 


20191QBCLEBaker Mayfield9.414.328.220.446.12
20192QBCLEBaker Mayfield1514.328.220.446.12
20193QBCLEBaker Mayfield9.714.328.220.446.12
20194QBCLEBaker Mayfield15.814.328.220.446.12
20195QBCLEBaker Mayfield-214.328.220.446.12
20196QBCLEBaker Mayfield19.514.328.220.446.12
20197QBCLEBaker Mayfield11.614.328.220.446.12
20198QBCLEBaker Mayfield17.114.328.220.446.12
20199QBCLEBaker Mayfield17.614.328.220.446.12
201910QBCLEBaker Mayfield21.814.328.220.446.12
201911QBCLEBaker Mayfield23.614.328.220.446.12
201912QBCLEBaker Mayfield814.328.220.446.12
201913QBCLEBaker Mayfield1114.328.220.446.12
201914QBCLEBaker Mayfield1714.328.220.446.12
201915QBCLEBaker Mayfield14.114.328.220.446.12
201916QBCLEBaker Mayfield20.114.328.220.446.12


20191QBWASDwayne Haskins0.68.522.0914.956.43
20192QBWASDwayne Haskins-0.78.522.0914.956.43
20193QBWASDwayne Haskins7.28.522.0914.956.43
20194QBWASDwayne Haskins17.18.522.0914.956.43
20195QBWASDwayne Haskins58.522.0914.956.43
20196QBWASDwayne Haskins6.58.522.0914.956.43
20197QBWASDwayne Haskins8.78.522.0914.956.43
20198QBWASDwayne Haskins198.522.0914.956.43
20199QBWASDwayne Haskins13.38.522.0914.956.43



20191QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick10.216.17.0325.179.07
20192QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick-1.816.17.0325.179.07
20193QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick1.216.17.0325.179.07
20194QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick9.816.17.0325.179.07
20195QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick20.616.17.0325.179.07
20196QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick11.316.17.0325.179.07
20197QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick23.716.17.0325.179.07
20198QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick13.116.17.0325.179.07
20199QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick12.916.17.0325.179.07
201910QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick23.116.17.0325.179.07
201911QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick26.816.17.0325.179.07
201912QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick14.316.17.0325.179.07
201913QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick20.516.17.0325.179.07
201914QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick31.716.17.0325.179.07
201915QBMIARyan Fitzpatrick24.316.17.0325.179.07