The Case for Kenny

The consensus number one wide receiver pick of the 2020 fantasy draft is Michael Thomas. Based on last years numbers how can you argue the premise? However, this scenario plays out year after year after year. The players who ranked top of the heap in the previous season rarely repeat the following year. Thomas had 149 receptions from 185 targets for 1,725 yards and 9 TD’s. In his first three years he averaged 107 receptions from 139 targets for 1,262 yards and 7.6 TD’s. So 42 more receptions, 46 more targets and 463 more yards than his career averages.

Kenny Golladay was also having a career year in the first eight games with Matthew Stafford under center before Stafford got hurt. In the first half of the season, Golladay had 35 receptions from 62 targets for 640 yards and 7 TD’s (averaged over 16 games that’s 70 receptions from 124 targets for 1,280 yards and 14 TD’s). What’s also worth noting is the first eight games on which this average extension is based, there were three games with only 21, 17 and 42 receiving yards. Golladay is coming into this fourth year (last year was Michael Thomas’s 4th year) and the sky is the limit. I’m not saying Golladay will have a better fantasy year than Thomas but if a bet is to be made as to which receiver might, it’s Kenny Golladay.