Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Wide Receivers – 2020

Too many times in a fantasy season, you draft the perfect team destined for the championship, only to have them sputter when it means the most. A strategy often used by the savvy fantasy manager is the to sell high and snag the early under performers from another team. The charts below expose those players who started fast in 2019 but in crunch time were a major let downs. The analysis includes game to game comparisons rather than a week to week. Bye week and injuries misses aren’t included in the trend.

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Quarterbacks – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Running Backs – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Tight Ends – 2020

Amari Cooper started the season as one of the hottest wide receivers in football with an average of 14 fantasy points per game in the first nine. He literally exited stage left for the next seven games averaging 5.8 fantasy points per week. Cooper scored only once in the stretch and failed to top 100 yards.  

Courtland Sutton had a nice run in his first ten games and was a mad waiver wire pickup by week four. Sutton flopped down the stretch with a little over 5 fantasy points a week average for the playoff stretch. What’s even more concerning is the final four games were with this year’s starter Drew Lock under center.  

D.J. Chark was also a very hot commodity early in the season with almost 13 fantasy points a week in the first 10 games. Unfortunately for those who didn’t sell high, Chark finished his fantasy playoff run averaging under 5 fantasy points a game.

Adding Sammy Watkins to the list may be a little unfair with a monster game one and nothing but leftovers the rest of the season. T.Y. Hilton’s 2019 year was a tale of two season in the ten games he played. In his first five Hilton managed an average of 12 fantasy points a game and finished his final five under 4 fantasy points a game.  


20191WRDALAmari Cooper16.610.472.4218.528.05
20192WRDALAmari Cooper10.410.472.4218.528.05
20193WRDALAmari Cooper20.810.472.4218.528.05
20194WRDALAmari Cooper4.810.472.4218.528.05
20195WRDALAmari Cooper28.610.472.4218.528.05
20196WRDALAmari Cooper0.310.472.4218.528.05
20197WRDALAmari Cooper10.610.472.4218.528.05
20198WRDALAmari Cooper1410.472.4218.528.05
20199WRDALAmari Cooper20.710.472.4218.528.05
201910WRDALAmari Cooper3.810.472.4218.528.05
201911WRDALAmari Cooper010.472.4218.528.05
201912WRDALAmari Cooper8.510.472.4218.528.05
201913WRDALAmari Cooper14.310.472.4218.528.05
201914WRDALAmari Cooper1.910.472.4218.528.05
201915WRDALAmari Cooper2.410.472.4218.528.05
201916WRDALAmari Cooper9.810.472.4218.528.05


20191WRDENCourtland Sutton129.44.3214.485.08
20192WRDENCourtland Sutton49.44.3214.485.08
20193WRDENCourtland Sutton8.79.44.3214.485.08
20194WRDENCourtland Sutton18.29.44.3214.485.08
20195WRDENCourtland Sutton15.29.44.3214.485.08
20196WRDENCourtland Sutton7.69.44.3214.485.08
20197WRDENCourtland Sutton8.79.44.3214.485.08
20198WRDENCourtland Sutton7.29.44.3214.485.08
20199WRDENCourtland Sutton12.39.44.3214.485.08
201910WRDENCourtland Sutton13.829.44.3214.485.08
201911WRDENCourtland Sutton2.79.44.3214.485.08
201912WRDENCourtland Sutton19.49.44.3214.485.08
201913WRDENCourtland Sutton3.49.44.3214.485.08
201914WRDENCourtland Sutton7.99.44.3214.485.08
201915WRDENCourtland Sutton4.19.44.3214.485.08
201916WRDENCourtland Sutton5.29.44.3214.485.08



20191WRJACD.J. Chark20.610.192.38187.81
20192WRJACD.J. Chark11.510.192.38187.81
20193WRJACD.J. Chark13.610.192.38187.81
20194WRJACD.J. Chark4.410.192.38187.81
20195WRJACD.J. Chark28.410.192.38187.81
20196WRJACD.J. Chark4.310.192.38187.81
20197WRJACD.J. Chark7.310.192.38187.81
20198WRJACD.J. Chark13.910.192.38187.81
20199WRJACD.J. Chark3.210.192.38187.81
201910WRJACD.J. Chark22.410.192.38187.81
201911WRJACD.J. Chark5.810.192.38187.81
201912WRJACD.J. Chark4.710.192.38187.81
201913WRJACD.J. Chark7.510.192.38187.81
201914WRJACD.J. Chark1.810.192.38187.81
201915WRJACD.J. Chark3.410.192.38187.81


20191WRKCSammy Watkins37.86.65-2.5615.869.21
20192WRKCSammy Watkins4.96.65-2.5615.869.21
20193WRKCSammy Watkins6.46.65-2.5615.869.21
20194WRKCSammy Watkins3.46.65-2.5615.869.21
20196WRKCSammy Watkins4.56.65-2.5615.869.21
20197WRKCSammy Watkins6.36.65-2.5615.869.21
20198WRKCSammy Watkins5.16.65-2.5615.869.21
20199WRKCSammy Watkins2.66.65-2.5615.869.21
201910WRKCSammy Watkins06.65-2.5615.869.21
201911WRKCSammy Watkins56.65-2.5615.869.21
201912WRKCSammy Watkins6.96.65-2.5615.869.21
201913WRKCSammy Watkins2.86.65-2.5615.869.21
201914WRKCSammy Watkins0.86.65-2.5615.869.21


20191WRINDT.Y. Hilton20.78.012.1813.845.83
20192WRINDT.Y. Hilton10.38.012.1813.845.83
20193WRINDT.Y. Hilton12.58.012.1813.845.83
20194WRINDT.Y. Hilton3.78.012.1813.845.83
20195WRINDT.Y. Hilton13.48.012.1813.845.83
20196WRINDT.Y. Hilton5.48.012.1813.845.83
20197WRINDT.Y. Hilton1.88.012.1813.845.83
20198WRINDT.Y. Hilton2.58.012.1813.845.83
20199WRINDT.Y. Hilton2.68.012.1813.845.83
201910WRINDT.Y. Hilton7.28.012.1813.845.83