Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Tight Ends – 2020

Too many times in a fantasy season, you draft the perfect team destined for the championship, only to have them sputter when it means the most. A strategy often used by the savvy fantasy manager is the to sell high and snag the early under performers from another team. The charts below expose those players who started fast in 2019 but in crunch time were a major let downs. The analysis includes game to game comparisons rather than a week to week. Bye week and injuries misses aren’t included in the trend. 

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Quarterbacks – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Running Backs – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Wide Receivers – 2020

The tight ends that trailed off the most were Austin Hooper and Gerald Everett. The 2020 outlook for both is also grim from the start. Hooper joins a talent stacked skill position offense and a wildly inaccurate quarterback in Cleveland. Everett was out played by a wide margin by Tyler Higbee and may find himself the odd man out for targets in Los Angeles. 


20191TEATLAustin Hooper7.78.983.8714.095.11
20192TEATLAustin Hooper3.48.983.8714.095.11
20193TEATLAustin Hooper18.68.983.8714.095.11
20194TEATLAustin Hooper138.983.8714.095.11
20195TEATLAustin Hooper7.68.983.8714.095.11
20196TEATLAustin Hooper17.78.983.8714.095.11
20197TEATLAustin Hooper10.68.983.8714.095.11
20198TEATLAustin Hooper12.58.983.8714.095.11
20199TEATLAustin Hooper7.78.983.8714.095.11
201910TEATLAustin Hooper3.28.983.8714.095.11
201911TEATLAustin Hooper28.983.8714.095.11
201912TEATLAustin Hooper8.28.983.8714.095.11
201913TEATLAustin Hooper4.58.983.8714.095.11


20191TELAGerald Everett0.74.4-0.148.944.54
20192TELAGerald Everett2.14.4-0.148.944.54
20193TELAGerald Everett1.54.4-0.148.944.54
20194TELAGerald Everett10.44.4-0.148.944.54
20195TELAGerald Everett13.64.4-0.148.944.54
20196TELAGerald Everett0.94.4-0.148.944.54
20197TELAGerald Everett114.4-0.148.944.54
20198TELAGerald Everett1.54.4-0.148.944.54
20199TELAGerald Everett6.84.4-0.148.944.54
201910TELAGerald Everett24.4-0.148.944.54
201911TELAGerald Everett2.34.4-0.148.944.54
201912TELAGerald Everett04.4-0.148.944.54