Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Running Backs – 2020

Too many times in a fantasy season, you draft the perfect team destined for the championship, only to have them sputter when it means the most. A strategy often used by the savvy fantasy manager is the to sell high and snag the early under performers from another team. The charts below expose those players who started fast in 2019 but in crunch time were a major let downs. The analysis includes game to game comparisons rather than a week to week. Bye week and injuries misses aren’t included in the trend. 

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Quarterbacks – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Wide Receivers – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Tight Ends – 2020

David Johnson is already on the overrated list and seasons that end like 2019 did just confirm the analysis. Kenyan Drake out played Johnson in the second half of the season making the decision to move on from him easy. Don’t let the new season optimism draw you in, David Johnson isn’t worth the risk. Leonard Fournette started the season’s first eight games averaging over 13 fantasy points a game. Down the stretch, Fournette fumbled his way to a 7.7 fantasy points per game average in 6 of 7 games.  

The Jaguars spent a lot of time playing catch up most of the season which doesn’t bode well for a workhorse running back style. The Tevin Coleman situation is difficult to assess. 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan says he will use the hot hand approach but who’d a thought it would last for eight of the last nine games Coleman played it. Mostert was the strong finisher in San Francisco and is likely to begin the season with the bulk of carries. 


20191RBARIDavid Johnson19.78.790.9616.627.83
20192RBARIDavid Johnson7.48.790.9616.627.83
20193RBARIDavid Johnson12.58.790.9616.627.83
20194RBARIDavid Johnson13.98.790.9616.627.83
20195RBARIDavid Johnson15.68.790.9616.627.83
20196RBARIDavid Johnson22.28.790.9616.627.83
20197RBARIDavid Johnson0.28.790.9616.627.83
20198RBARIDavid Johnson-18.790.9616.627.83
201910RBARIDavid Johnson2.48.790.9616.627.83
201911RBARIDavid Johnson11.38.790.9616.627.83
201912RBARIDavid Johnson0.68.790.9616.627.83
201913RBARIDavid Johnson0.78.790.9616.627.83


20191RBJACLeonard Fournette7.412.235.6818.786.55
20192RBJACLeonard Fournette8.712.235.6818.786.55
20193RBJACLeonard Fournette9.212.235.6818.786.55
20194RBJACLeonard Fournette24.512.235.6818.786.55
20195RBJACLeonard Fournette19.712.235.6818.786.55
20196RBJACLeonard Fournette11.812.235.6818.786.55
20197RBJACLeonard Fournette14.512.235.6818.786.55
20198RBJACLeonard Fournette13.612.235.6818.786.55
20199RBJACLeonard Fournette7.212.235.6818.786.55
201910RBJACLeonard Fournette5.712.235.6818.786.55
201911RBJACLeonard Fournette27.912.235.6818.786.55
201912RBJACLeonard Fournette9.112.235.6818.786.55
201913RBJACLeonard Fournette6.312.235.6818.786.55
201914RBJACLeonard Fournette7.312.235.6818.786.55
201915RBJACLeonard Fournette10.512.235.6818.786.55


20191RBSFTevin Coleman5.68.17-0.5416.888.71
20192RBSFTevin Coleman15.78.17-0.5416.888.71
20193RBSFTevin Coleman12.18.17-0.5416.888.71
20194RBSFTevin Coleman6.18.17-0.5416.888.71
20195RBSFTevin Coleman35.88.17-0.5416.888.71
20196RBSFTevin Coleman3.68.17-0.5416.888.71
20197RBSFTevin Coleman7.28.17-0.5416.888.71
20198RBSFTevin Coleman6.28.17-0.5416.888.71
20199RBSFTevin Coleman10.98.17-0.5416.888.71
201910RBSFTevin Coleman1.58.17-0.5416.888.71
201911RBSFTevin Coleman0.68.17-0.5416.888.71
201912RBSFTevin Coleman48.17-0.5416.888.71
201913RBSFTevin Coleman3.38.17-0.5416.888.71
201914RBSFTevin Coleman1.88.17-0.5416.888.71