Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Quarterbacks – 2020

Too many times in a fantasy season, you draft the perfect team destined for the championship, only to have them sputter when it means the most. A strategy often used by the savvy fantasy manager is the to sell high and snag the early under performers from another team. The charts below expose those players who started fast in 2019 but in crunch time were a major let downs. The analysis includes game to game comparisons rather than a week to week. Bye week and injuries misses aren’t included in the trend. Three quarterbacks fit the bill, at least during the 2019 season, for a strong start and weak finish.

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Running Backs – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Wide Receivers – 2020

Strong Starters / Weak Finishers – Tight Ends – 2020

Except for a monster game 7 Aaron Rodgers was below his season average game to game more than he was above. A single game can skew the average that much. You really must start asking if age and lack of complimentary talent at the wide receiver position after Davante Adams is taking its toll. 

Kyler Murray ran into some tough defenses down the stretch and the passing yard totals suffered. The addition of Kenyan Drake mid-season revived the running game and helped balance the offense. The usual toll of a rookie season was also a contributor to a slow down. The addition of DeAndre Hopkins should help Murray’s season long consistency in 2020.

Russell Wilson set the bar high in his first nine games averaging almost 25 fantasy points a week. He finished the last seven games with almost 15 fantasy points a week. It doesn’t help playing San Francisco twice. Wilson is one of the best, if not underrated fantasy quarterbacks out there. With any fantasy playoff run it’s best to have a couple quarterbacks on your squad and play the match-up game. 


20191QBGBAaron Rodgers12.9217.48.2326.579.17
20192QBGBAaron Rodgers14.3617.48.2326.579.17
20193QBGBAaron Rodgers13.317.48.2326.579.17
20194QBGBAaron Rodgers25.4817.48.2326.579.17
20195QBGBAaron Rodgers9.4217.48.2326.579.17
20196QBGBAaron Rodgers18.3217.48.2326.579.17
20197QBGBAaron Rodgers43.7617.48.2326.579.17
20198QBGBAaron Rodgers27.117.48.2326.579.17
20199QBGBAaron Rodgers12.9417.48.2326.579.17
201910QBGBAaron Rodgers10.0217.48.2326.579.17
201911QBGBAaron Rodgers9.4617.48.2326.579.17
201912QBGBAaron Rodgers28.1217.48.2326.579.17
201913QBGBAaron Rodgers11.417.48.2326.579.17
201914QBGBAaron Rodgers14.4217.48.2326.579.17
201915QBGBAaron Rodgers8.3417.48.2326.579.17
201916QBGBAaron Rodgers19.0217.48.2326.579.17


20191QBARIKyler Murray21.6217.8311.2424.426.59
20192QBARIKyler Murray16.3617.8311.2424.426.59
20193QBARIKyler Murray17.8217.8311.2424.426.59
20194QBARIKyler Murray16.3417.8311.2424.426.59
20195QBARIKyler Murray25.4217.8311.2424.426.59
20196QBARIKyler Murray28.817.8311.2424.426.59
20197QBARIKyler Murray6.9617.8311.2424.426.59
20198QBARIKyler Murray10.117.8311.2424.426.59
20199QBARIKyler Murray23.0417.8311.2424.426.59
201910QBARIKyler Murray26.7617.8311.2424.426.59
201911QBARIKyler Murray26.717.8311.2424.426.59
201912QBARIKyler Murray13.3217.8311.2424.426.59
201913QBARIKyler Murray9.9617.8311.2424.426.59
201914QBARIKyler Murray16.3617.8311.2424.426.59
201915QBARIKyler Murray12.7217.8311.2424.426.59
201916QBARIKyler Murray1317.8311.2424.426.59



20191QBSEARussell Wilson16.6420.5411.1529.939.39
20192QBSEARussell Wilson24.220.5411.1529.939.39
20193QBSEARussell Wilson41.3420.5411.1529.939.39
20194QBSEARussell Wilson14.320.5411.1529.939.39
20195QBSEARussell Wilson29.9220.5411.1529.939.39
20196QBSEARussell Wilson28.920.5411.1529.939.39
20197QBSEARussell Wilson14.3420.5411.1529.939.39
20198QBSEARussell Wilson15.6820.5411.1529.939.39
20199QBSEARussell Wilson39.2220.5411.1529.939.39
201910QBSEARussell Wilson16.5820.5411.1529.939.39
201911QBSEARussell Wilson9.520.5411.1529.939.39
201912QBSEARussell Wilson16.920.5411.1529.939.39
201913QBSEARussell Wilson10.620.5411.1529.939.39
201914QBSEARussell Wilson19.3420.5411.1529.939.39
201915QBSEARussell Wilson10.9620.5411.1529.939.39
201916QBSEARussell Wilson20.2220.5411.1529.939.39