Fantasy Football Consistent Performers – 2020

Consistent performance from your fantasy lineup is critical for playoff and ultimately fantasy championship success. The players in this post are mid-level tiers that for the most part fill your backup quarterback, #2 or #3 running back, wide receiver and tight end positions. We know the big hitters are relativity consistent and produce high numbers on a weekly basis. It’s the “who do I start this week” players that make the difference.

Fantasy Football Inconsistent Performers – 2020

The table includes the standard deviation (Standard deviation is a number used to tell how measurements for a group are spread out from the average (mean), or expected value.) and a Low Range / High Range which is one standard deviation from the average.  

Three quarterbacks stand out as being consistent and producing weekly scores relatively close to the season average. In other words, you know what you’re going to get, even if the monster games are rare. Carson Wentz, Derek Carr and Gardner Minshew are potential starters based on their matchup week to week. Wentz falls within a mid-teen to low 20’s each week and rarely has the complete bust with only two weeks below 10 fantasy points.  

Derek Carr also fits into 15 to 20 fantasy points a week range but doesn’t have the monster game every four weeks that a full-time fantasy starter needs to have. Gardner Minshew is someone to watch this season. The rookie 6th round pick was remarkably stable as he rarely produced less than 10 fantasy points and more than 20 fantasy points. If you wanted 15-17 fantasy points from the quarterback position then Wentz, Carr or Minshew was your man. 

20191QBOAKDerek Carr14.615.2810.0320.535.25
20192QBOAKDerek Carr9.715.2810.0320.535.25
20193QBOAKDerek Carr15.715.2810.0320.535.25
20194QBOAKDerek Carr13.515.2810.0320.535.25
20195QBOAKDerek Carr815.2810.0320.535.25
20196QBOAKDerek Carr15.715.2810.0320.535.25
20197QBOAKDerek Carr23.415.2810.0320.535.25
20198QBOAKDerek Carr19.615.2810.0320.535.25
20199QBOAKDerek Carr13.115.2810.0320.535.25
201910QBOAKDerek Carr19.815.2810.0320.535.25
201911QBOAKDerek Carr4.215.2810.0320.535.25
201912QBOAKDerek Carr9.615.2810.0320.535.25
201913QBOAKDerek Carr20.215.2810.0320.535.25
201914QBOAKDerek Carr15.915.2810.0320.535.25
201915QBOAKDerek Carr21.915.2810.0320.535.25
201916QBOAKDerek Carr19.615.2810.0320.535.25


20191QBJACGardner Minshew17.616.3710.8121.935.56
20192QBJACGardner Minshew16.116.3710.8121.935.56
20193QBJACGardner Minshew1816.3710.8121.935.56
20194QBJACGardner Minshew16.716.3710.8121.935.56
20195QBJACGardner Minshew21.216.3710.8121.935.56
20196QBJACGardner Minshew4.616.3710.8121.935.56
20197QBJACGardner Minshew2116.3710.8121.935.56
20198QBJACGardner Minshew2416.3710.8121.935.56
20199QBJACGardner Minshew7.816.3710.8121.935.56
201910QBJACGardner Minshew10.716.3710.8121.935.56
201911QBJACGardner Minshew13.616.3710.8121.935.56
201912QBJACGardner Minshew18.716.3710.8121.935.56
201913QBJACGardner Minshew14.816.3710.8121.935.56
201914QBJACGardner Minshew24.516.3710.8121.935.56


20191QBPHICarson Wentz2517.2412.1322.355.11
20192QBPHICarson Wentz17.517.2412.1322.355.11
20193QBPHICarson Wentz21.717.2412.1322.355.11
20194QBPHICarson Wentz19.717.2412.1322.355.11
20195QBPHICarson Wentz12.117.2412.1322.355.11
20196QBPHICarson Wentz20.517.2412.1322.355.11
20197QBPHICarson Wentz6.817.2412.1322.355.11
20198QBPHICarson Wentz14.417.2412.1322.355.11
20199QBPHICarson Wentz15.117.2412.1322.355.11
201910QBPHICarson Wentz12.317.2412.1322.355.11
201911QBPHICarson Wentz8.917.2412.1322.355.11
201912QBPHICarson Wentz24.417.2412.1322.355.11
201913QBPHICarson Wentz19.917.2412.1322.355.11
201914QBPHICarson Wentz21.517.2412.1322.355.11
201915QBPHICarson Wentz1917.2412.1322.355.11
201916QBPHICarson Wentz17.117.2412.1322.355.11



Devin Singletary stands as a consistent fantasy producer at the running back position. Singletary averaged 9.9 fantasy points per week last season with 8 of his 12 games falling within the High / Low range. Josh Allen has stabilized the quarterback position and the addition of Stefon Diggs adds another focus area for opposing defenses. Singletary will be a focus of the running game and receiving out of the backfield. His average per game will rise and if he maintains the consistency, Singletary is a sold #2 weekly running back play. 

Todd Gurley was a major pre-season concern and he dropped in fantasy drafts based on fear alone. Those owners who took a chance were rewarded with an average of 12.5 fantasy points per week. 12 of the 15 games he played in were within the High / Low range. Gurley is a mix of running back yards, receiving yards and plenty of touchdowns. Gurley’s role in Atlanta will continue to be focused on mid-level carries, mid-level receiving yards and touchdowns. When you add his versatility all up, Gurley is a consistent #2 running back. 


20191RBLATodd Gurley10.112.567.3917.735.17
20192RBLATodd Gurley12.712.567.3917.735.17
20193RBLATodd Gurley4.312.567.3917.735.17
20194RBLATodd Gurley1912.567.3917.735.17
20195RBLATodd Gurley15.712.567.3917.735.17
20196RBLATodd Gurley11.412.567.3917.735.17
20197RBLATodd Gurley10.412.567.3917.735.17
20198RBLATodd Gurley7.312.567.3917.735.17
20199RBLATodd Gurley17.312.567.3917.735.17
201910RBLATodd Gurley1.912.567.3917.735.17
201911RBLATodd Gurley17.512.567.3917.735.17
201912RBLATodd Gurley17.312.567.3917.735.17
201913RBLATodd Gurley17.812.567.3917.735.17
201914RBLATodd Gurley16.812.567.3917.735.17
201915RBLATodd Gurley8.912.567.3917.735.17


20191RBBUFDevin Singletary9.89.915.1914.634.72
20192RBBUFDevin Singletary11.79.915.1914.634.72
20193RBBUFDevin Singletary2.69.915.1914.634.72
20194RBBUFDevin Singletary10.99.915.1914.634.72
20195RBBUFDevin Singletary209.915.1914.634.72
20196RBBUFDevin Singletary59.915.1914.634.72
20197RBBUFDevin Singletary7.99.915.1914.634.72
20198RBBUFDevin Singletary11.49.915.1914.634.72
20199RBBUFDevin Singletary16.19.915.1914.634.72
201910RBBUFDevin Singletary11.89.915.1914.634.72
201911RBBUFDevin Singletary6.99.915.1914.634.72
201912RBBUFDevin Singletary4.89.915.1914.634.72



Robert Woods was a consistent #2 fantasy wide receiver last season and a borderline #1 for the Los Angeles Ram. Cooper Kupp and Woods will continue to dominate the receptions and targets. Woods averaged 9.5 fantasy points a week last season and rarely fell below the Low Range. He had five games over 12 fantasy points. Woods only scored twice which is a concern. In his first two years in LA, he scored 5 and 6 TD’s respectively, so another 1,000-yard 5 TD season is not unreasonable to expect. 

Calvin Ridley has emerged as a solid #2 wide receiver in the Atlanta offense. Ridley averaged over 10 fantasy points a week and no games that skew the average (i.e. Sammy Watkins). Six of the thirteen games he played in were in the double-digit range and 10 fell within the High / Low Range. The Atlanta offense has three major targets in the passing game with Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and now Hayden Hurst. Ridley will at worst meet and likely exceed last year’s totals. 


20191WRATLCalvin Ridley12.410.314.516.125.81
20192WRATLCalvin Ridley16.510.314.516.125.81
20193WRATLCalvin Ridley0.610.314.516.125.81
20194WRATLCalvin Ridley3.210.314.516.125.81
20195WRATLCalvin Ridley14.810.314.516.125.81
20196WRATLCalvin Ridley10.810.314.516.125.81
20197WRATLCalvin Ridley310.314.516.125.81
20198WRATLCalvin Ridley910.314.516.125.81
20199WRATLCalvin Ridley4.710.314.516.125.81
201910WRATLCalvin Ridley20.310.314.516.125.81
201911WRATLCalvin Ridley1610.314.516.125.81
201912WRATLCalvin Ridley9.110.314.516.125.81
201913WRATLCalvin Ridley13.610.314.516.125.81


20191WRLARobert Woods8.69.534.5414.524.99
20192WRLARobert Woods4.29.534.5414.524.99
20193WRLARobert Woods5.89.534.5414.524.99
20194WRLARobert Woods16.49.534.5414.524.99
20195WRLARobert Woods4.89.534.5414.524.99
20196WRLARobert Woods7.69.534.5414.524.99
20197WRLARobert Woods8.69.534.5414.524.99
20198WRLARobert Woods4.29.534.5414.524.99
20199WRLARobert Woods9.59.534.5414.524.99
201910WRLARobert Woods9.79.534.5414.524.99
201911WRLARobert Woods17.29.534.5414.524.99
201912WRLARobert Woods18.79.534.5414.524.99
201913WRLARobert Woods1.79.534.5414.524.99
201914WRLARobert Woods12.39.534.5414.524.99
201915WRLARobert Woods13.69.534.5414.524.99



Eric Ebron has found a new home in Pittsburgh and with Ben Roethlisberger expected to be healthy, he’s in for a good season. Ebron was victim to inconsistent quarterback play last season but thrived when Andrew Luck was under center. Roethlisberger loves his tight ends and Ebron’s weekly average could double. 

20191TEINDEric Ebron0.
20192TEINDEric Ebron8.
20193TEINDEric Ebron4.
20194TEINDEric Ebron10.
20195TEINDEric Ebron0.
20196TEINDEric Ebron135.051.148.963.91
20197TEINDEric Ebron2.
20198TEINDEric Ebron1.
20199TEINDEric Ebron5.
201910TEINDEric Ebron2.
201911TEINDEric Ebron4.