Fantasy Football Busts – Wide Receivers – 2020

Odell Beckham Jr. – Cleveland Browns 

Having Odell Beckham Jr on the other end of Mayfield’s passes during his prime is a shame. Last season, Beckham Jr would disappear for plays and sometimes games. Oh no, he was on the field, but Mayfield was targeting lesser talent, running for his life or air mailing passes 10 yards over his head. It’s really in explicable to spend that kind of money on a top five NFL receiver and not incorporate him better. One reason why there is a new coaching staff in Cleveland I suppose. Beckham Jr has great hands and catches the most awkward passes away from his body. Imagine what he could do if he could catch a pass in stride on the numbers.  

The expectations for a wide receiver the caliber of Odell Beckham Jr is high. The reality is that his move to Cleveland takes him out of the elite fantasy receiver status. This has nothing to do with his ability. The supporting cast in Cleveland is impressive with Beckham, Landry, Hooper and Chubb / Hunt rounding out the backfield. That’s plenty of excellent options for Mayfield to get back on track. Will Beckham Jr reach 1,000 yards and 6-8 TD’s this year? Probably. Is that worth the early round pick it will take to snag him? Nope!


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Alshon Jeffery – Philadelphia Eagles 

Jeffery has been underachieving since his third season in the league. He hasn’t reach 1,000 receiving yards nor topped double-digit touchdowns in five years. Over the last five-year span, Jeffery has played in 9, 12, 16, 13 and 10 games. Now that he’s reached the 30-year-old mark, the injuries are setting in so the games played trend will continue its downward trajectory.

He’s a lanky target with big mitts but often exposes himself to big hits. It’s so tempting to give Jeffery one more chance. He will clearly be the Eagles #1 wide receiver going into 2020 but fantasy roster spots are precious and in this case I’d pass. Let your fantasy competitors sweat it out week to week whether he is going to play or not.  



T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis Colts 

Hilton had the worst year of his career in 2019 but we’ll give him a pass. Yes, just like that, Hilton gets a pass. No wide receiver can take the blame in this scenario with Jacoby Brissett simply not ready for the lead role. Hilton is a legitimate deep threat and watching him catch a ball on the run, in space and taking it to the house is a beautiful thing. He also commands some goal line targets even though he’s on the smaller side at 5’10”. His advantage in tight spaces is his ability to find a little gap at the right time and shake the defensive back trying to cover him. 

After all that positively you wonder why he’s on the bust list. Again, not T.Y. Hilton’s fault. He’s going to produce better numbers than last year by just having a pulse. The bust tag is more based on expectations. He’s been a borderline #1 receiver for years, surpassing 1,000 yards 5 of the last 6 seasons (2019 excluded). A gradual decline in numbers is inevitable for all veterans and Hilton will fall permanently into the #2 WR category with Rivers under center.


Breshad Perriman – New York Jets 

Perriman enjoyed a career year in 2019 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with highs in receptions, targets, receiving yards, yards per catch and reception TD’s. A closer look at the game log tells an interesting story. The last four games of the season accounted for 65% of his total yards and 5 of his 6 TD’s. If there was a time for him to cash in, this was the year, though it’s a one-year deal with incentives for his new team. If the Jets are hoping Perriman picks up where he left off last season, they must be delusional.  

You can say what you want about Winston’s interception totals, but he slung the rock in Tampa Bay! Not to mention both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin were sidelined for a portion of the games Perriman shined. So yes, when given the chance Perriman stepped up and performed wonderfully. If we were discussing Perriman as a 3rd receiver for the now Brady led Buccaneers, you may find him on a more positive list, since we are talking the Jets, steer clear. 



Julian Edelman – New England Patriots 

The 10-year veteran had the best year of his career but unfortunately his last good fantasy year as Tom Brady headed South. Brady’s clear regressions last season were a huge benefit to Edelman. The dink and dunk passing game suits Edelman’s strength. It was apparent he was the only trusted receiver on the team and Brady fed him over and over. 

Edelman demonstrates fearless-ness with his over the middle work. He appears to have eyes in the back of helmet and instinctively avoids the big hit. Whichever quarterback wins the starting job you can be sure short passes will be a staple, but Edelman will be lucky to get 800 yards and 3-4 scores this year.