Better Bargain – Hooper or Hurst?

The Falcons swapped Austin Hooper for Hayden Hurst and the Moneyball game at tight end begins. Hooper signed a 4-year $42 million contract and $23 million guaranteed with the Cleveland Browns (cap hit of $4 million in 2020). The dead cap amounts for 2021 and 2022 almost guarantee the Browns pay Hooper for at least three years of the four year contract (another $23 million and change).

Hurst is entering the 3rd year of his rookie contract and is set to make $1.48 million and a cap hit of the same in 2020. His 4th year rounds out at $1.98 million. For the next two years, Hooper is making approximately 3.8 times what Hurst will make. Obviously he won’t have 3.8 times the stats, in fact Hooper will struggle to reach 75% of Hurst’s production. Hurst’s average draft position is about five round later than Hooper as of today. If there is a bargain tight end to be had this season it’s Hayden Hurst.